Encouragement for the Intercessors

The following is an edit of an email sent to those serving as intercessors for the Sacred Heart Mission...

Hi everyone,

This week is the 5th week of the Sacred Heart parish mission.

I want to encourage you to re-double your prayers. And here's a story:

Last August on the Walking Pilgrimage (from NJ to PA), there were moments when we were tired, hot, had been walking for miles, and then we came to an intersection which the entire group had to cross quickly. So our leaders instructed us to run. We all thought we would die; it was counter-intuitive, but it actually alleviated our weariness.

Another experience from that Walking Pilgrimage: When we came to the end, I had almost forgotten that God had called me to seek Him in this way, and that He rewards those who seek Him. I needed a little faith-prep to get ready to receive that, and frankly it surprised me that God really did have something for me, and for those I prayed for, after all the weariness that grabbed my attention so thoroughly.

We are a little early for the novena of Pentecost, but I would encourage you to invoke the Holy Spirit daily for the parish, for all those who have been coming, and for everyone from Encounter. Pray that all of us could look with expectant faith to the Lord who somehow has called us together so that we would be surprised with His "why." Pray also that we could shake off a natural sense of weariness. (Maybe I'm speaking only for myself, but this month has been a doozy for me!)

We know that "now is the time" for God to meet our tremendous need for His mercy. Teach us, Jesus, how to watch for you expectantly. Amen.

If any of you have any growing sense of anything as you pray and/or experience this parish mission, please feel free to comment below.