Calling All Intercessors. Calling Everyone!

Encounter. has been invited to serve Sacred Heart of Mary and the people of Weirton through a Parish Mission. This opportunity is from God, ya'll. He has desires for everyone this thing will touch and involve. So let's respond to Him with faith and with generosity of heart and say a big YES to everything He will ask of us along the way.

And right now I'm asking you to make a sacrificial offering of prayer and intercession for this Mission. Prayer lines us up with God's grace and calls down the supernatural supply for the ministers and for the people to be ministered to. We are going to ask God for graces of conversion, and so this is spiritual warfare against the power of sin that holds people back from conversion. Conversion is a work of God, and we must earnestly petition God for His work to be done among us.

For starters, I'd like to begin the novena to the Divine Mercy, the same one we pray beginning on Good Friday. We will begin Monday, March 16. The prayers can be found HERE.

Additional commitments to prayer of any form are welcome: daily rosary, daily Mass, weekly holy hours, fasting a certain number of days, etc. I would like you to listen carefully for anything the Lord prompts you, both in terms of how to pray and then for particular needs you sense while you pray.

It is better to make a specific commitment (Divine Mercy novena every day and fasting every Tuesday, for example) rather than a vague promise to sorta mean to remember the intention. Please let me know you are joining in prayer by an email to I will then keep in communication as specific needs for targeted prayer become known. Feel free to share this call to prayer with any prayerful souls you know.


All my strength lies in prayer and sacrifice. They are my invincible weapons, and I know, by experience, that they can soften the heart much better than words. -- St. Therese of Lisieux