Project mju:zik

Christine, Isabella and Clare prepared a presentation abut the music we listen to and its effect on us, encouraging us to make thoughtful, i.e. premeditated choices based on Christian values which are built around truth, beauty and goodness. Below is their presentation. 

Listen to the music that is uplifting, not gloomy. 
Listen to the music that opens mysteries of life, but doesn't harm. 
Listen to the music that creates place of freedom, and does not bond you to anything temporary. 
Listen to the music that fascinates but doesn't deprive. 

Join others during Lent and listen only to the music that is                                                                        bringing you closer to the Creator of all inspirations.


The video that stubbornly did not want to launch is below: 


And here are compilations of playlists done by the girls. If you send your own songs or make your playlists, they will be added to those below. 

I must add that the girlz rule and the guys have to work hard now to beat that challenge.