Prayer corner

If you want to make your personal prayer life more disciplined, create a prayer corner, a place where you will talk to Jesus and He will talk to you, daily. Some families have prayer altars or even prayer rooms at homes, where the whole family gathers and prays together but if you want to go deeper in the knowledge of God, you should establish your own prayer rhythm in a space which will be special for you. It doesn't need to be big or fancy. A cross or an icon and a candle is enough. If you have more space than  a corner of your night stand or your desk, you can also keep your Bible, rosary and that book for spiritual edification that you are trying to read there. A small notebook or journal is helpful for recording the fruits of your meditations. 

When I was 16, and decided to seriously encounter God and put my heart out to Him on a daily basis, I dragged a wooden tree stump from a park, put one small candle on it, a cheesy holy card (soon replaced by a wooden cross and a small icon) and placed it in the corner of my room, where I tried to pray daily at least once. This was the place where my school of prayer has started. A willing heart is all it took. 

P.S. If you have a prayer corner for your personal prayer time, send a picture to: and we will post it below. 

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