Poverty, insecurity, vulnerability.

The question for every person and community is how to remain rooted in the soil of one’s faith and one’s identity, in one’s own community, and at the same time to grow and give life to others, and to receive life from them. If people in a community live only on the level of the human, rational, legalistic and active aspects and symbols of their faith - which give cohesion, security and unity - there is a serious risk of their closing in on themselves and of gradually dying. If, however, their religious faith opens up, on the one hand to the mystical - that is, to an experience of the love of God present in the community and in their heart of each person - and, on the other hand, to what unifies all human beings, especially the poor, the vulnerable and the oppressed, they will then continue to grow in openness.
This is essential rooting through faith and love of God, the source of all life and live, gives immense strength to people and to communities. It is, however, very demanding for it calls for a life of poverty and insecurity, putting one’s total trust in God and in his loving protection and providence. And it is precisely this poverty, insecurity and vulnerability which people and communities are frightened of.
This is the fundamental risk of trust, and of belief, taken by the followers of Jesus.
— Community and Growth (Introduction), Jean Vanier

We are aiming higher, where God leads those who trust Him. We will not be satisfied with superficial, stagnant social events that mock real encounter of persons. We will conquer fear and enter into the beatified poverty of a heart longing for God, yet not satisfied with nothing else until it seeks that one thing which will captivate our vision forever. We will enter into the insecurity of not knowing in the midst of all of those who float in the googled versions of kitschy instant paraphrases. We will open up the gates of our past, present and future and disqualify every vain thought that stands firm against gentle touch of Ruah.

Captivate us.