A Reflection on an Awesome Retreat

         As soon as I heard that Encounter. was going to have another day-long retreat, I was excited. I remember last year’s retreat at Austin Lake as if it were yesterday. I especially remember hearing Fr. Jonas’ conversion/vocation story. But the one part that pops out the most was when we had time for Lectio Divina. We all sat in the grass or on the edge of the lake, praying and meditating on the Scripture passage. This year we had Lectio Divina in our small groups. Although we didn’t go off to reflect alone, we meditated and shared with each other, which can be an awesome help in spiritual growth. I also loved that we were able to be witnesses to all who were at Austin Lake, especially when we had Fr. Jonas and Sr. Mary Anthony in habit there among us! If that wasn’t enough, worship led by James and praying Vespers also helped to make us visible witnesses.

          Besides going inner tubing, playing volleyball, and talking with friends, I really enjoyed hearing Sr. Mary Anthony talk about her vocation story. She reminded me that we all have a special and unique vocation that God calls us to at the moment of our conception. That really hit a home run for me! I don’t know about other people, but I know that I myself often don’t think of my vocation from that perspective. I usually find myself hoping that God will realize that I love kids, so therefore that should mean that I will be a mom. ;) But that’s not how it works. So hearing that God has already known my vocation from the moment I was conceived makes me feel so loved. I know that whatever I do, if it is God’s will, and I follow Him, I will be truly happy.

So thanks for another awesome retreat at Austin Lake!

Christiana Lee

See more pictures from this retreat HERE. Click on each one to see it magnified.