Don't just say it. Pray it.

Last fall Encounter. got a big doze of Frassati's life.  We have read his letters, studied his tumultuous times and culture, weekly Fridays concentrated on Beatitudes and the connections to Frassati's spirituality, and we even went on a hike to Coopers Rock. St. JP2 called him a man of the Beatitudes for no reason. This young, intelligent, charismatic leader, who came from the wealthy family but had made choices based on serving spiritually and economically impoverished and exploited people, had lived his 24 years on earth with one vision: to love and serve others. He is the patron of youth, and June 25th marks the first day of Novena to Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati. If you chose to participate:

1. Find a quite place. You will need 15 min or so. Print the pages below. 

2. Don't just say it. Pray it. Novenas are days of concentrated, focused prayer. They do not work like magic. It's a loving dialogue and requires attention and heart's openness. 

3. Start with meditating on the Scripture verse. It's one Beatitude daily. Don't roll your eyes, if you have done it last year or recently... Beatitudes are Jesus' Words of life. Our hearts need them as often as our bodies need food. 

3. Read Frassati's reflection and think about what he says. Stop. And think for 1 min. How does it relate to you?

4. Pray the prayer and the Litany. 

5. Think of 4th of July, Frassati's feast day, as of day of opportunity to love and serve others. Verso l'Alto!

Novena: part 1, part 2, ending prayer