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Encounter.Bible Study@Belleview Park

  • Belleview Park Steubenville, OH (map)


Come every Tuesday to Belleview Park to help watch several small kids. You will play with them for about 50 min or so and then you can play tennis, basketball or hang out till 11:00 isch am. 





The idea is to meet and try to have uninterrupted, no-fluff and intensive although relaxed Bible Study for about 45 min, while kids play under the supervision of teens from our families or other teens. If you would like to reward the teens by bringing snacks or drinks to share, that would be great. After 45 min, the teens would be released from volunteering and can play basketball, tennis or whatever else they wish. 

Each session would include:

1 min prayer, unless the Holy Spirit comes in power and we can't stop praying

3-5 min Opening intro to any given passage

30 min Study: conversations, discussion, sharing etc. 

10 min Group Lectio Divina based on given passage (Reading, Meditating, Sharing, Praying)

If another need or idea develops after the initial two weeks, we can change the order or accommodate accordingly to our, no doubt, superb discernment. :-) 

We will study Book of Acts using Ignatius Press Bible Study Guides. They are free online and I would print one for you in a booklet form for free. Each week we will read several chapters and, if you have time and desire, you could have a glimpse at the corresponding questions beforehand. 

There would be no obligation to attend weekly, only when you can/feel like it, but it would be helpful to know who is intending to come by Sunday evening. Things can happen, of course, and last minute cancellations will occur but it would help to know the number of kids for planning purposes. Please, have a look at THIS DOCUMENT each week to see what chapters we are reading and to indicate how many kids 11 and under and how many teens will you bring with you.