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Encounter. Adoration

  • Franciscan Sisters T.O.R 369 Little Church Rd Toronto, OH, 43964 United States (map)

Taize chants, Confession, Silence, Via Lucis (processional, outside), Adoration


The Via Lucis, the “Way of Light,” emerges for Triduum liturgies in the same spirit of devotion. Also known as the Stations of the Resurrection, this devotion parallels the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary just as the Via Crucis complement the Sorrowful Mysteries. These stations were discovered in the Catacombs of St. Callistus in Rome.

In a fashion similar to the Via Crucis and the four passion narratives, the Via Lucis reflects upon the final chapters of each of the four gospels, which narrate the appearances of the Risen Lord from Easter to Pentecost. Fourteen "Stations of Light" have been identified. (Via Lucis)

A pious exercise called the Via Lucis has developed and spread to many regions in recent years. Following the model of the Via Crucis, the faithful process while meditating on the various appearances of Jesus-from his Resurrection to his Ascension-in which he showed his glory to the disciples who awaited the coming of the Holy Spirit (cf. John 14, 26; 16, 13-15; Luke: 24, 49), strengthened their faith, brought to completion his teaching on the Kingdom and more closely defined the sacramental and hierarchical structure of the Church.

Through the Via Lucis, the faithful recall the central event of the faith-the resurrection of Christ-and their discipleship in virtue of Baptism, the paschal sacrament by which they have passed from the darkness of sin to the bright radiance of the light of grace (cf. Colossians 1, 13; Ephesians 5, 8).

For centuries the Via Crucis involved the faithful in the first moment of the Easter event, namely the Passion, and helped to fixed its most important aspects in their consciousness. Analogously, the Via Lucis, when celebrated in fidelity to the Gospel text, can effectively convey a living understanding to the faithful of the second moment of the Pascal event, namely the Lord’s Resurrection.

The Via Lucis is potentially an excellent pedagogy of the faith, since “per crucem ad lucem.” Using the metaphor of a journey, the Via Lucis moves from the experience of suffering, which in God’s plan is part of life, to the hope of arriving at man’s true end: liberation, joy, and peace, which are essentially paschal values.

The Via Lucis is a potential stimulus for the restoration of a “culture of life” which is open to the hope and certitude offered by faith, in a society often characterized by a “culture of death”, despair, and nihilism.
— Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy (December 2001)

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