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We'll make pisanki again this year. Whole families are invited although small kids (under the age of seven) need to be supervised by parents or older siblings (who will pay attention). 

What every person needs: 
1. wooden or brass kistka (there are three different sizes) - tool for drawing with wax
2. pure beeswax - white or dark
3. newspaper
4. sharpened pencil
5. eggs, blown and dried

I'm ordering from Ukrainian Gift Shop at the beginning of March. Here is sign up list. If you need tools, wax or any other additional items, write it down. 
Session one: 10:00am - 12:30 pm
Session two: 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Sign up and order here

Even if you don't order anything, please sign up for one of the sessions.

We did fine with copper wooden medium kistkas last year, they cost $3 each, and they are well handled by smaller kids and those who will not attempt making elaborate designs. 

The slightly better ones are equipped with brass funnel, they are $5.00 each

How many beeswax cubes should you order? One is enough for at least one dozen eggs, it all depends how much you will decorate your eggs. Dark beeswax is better seen as the first layer on white eggs. They are $2 each

Orders should be placed by the end of February. The cost for shipping and other items needed (paper towels, table cloths, candles, cups) will be calculated and I will give you your families total on March 1. Payment has to be made during the first week of March. Afterwards, you can still sign up and participate but you will have to place your own order. 

Thank you and hope to see you making pisanki with us again!