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All Hallows Eve

Goal: To meet people and offer a prayer, while having fun. 

The idea is very simple: Dress up as a saint (include the beautiful or the gory part of his life or death), memorize 30 -60 sec blurb from his life (not a bio, but something very specific and heart involving; script will be given to you), go in pairs or threes from door to door, where after your presentation you will simply invite people to tell you what would they like you to pray for and give them a card with contact info and invitation to Encounter's Adoration in November. Engage in conversation if you recognize openness. 

4:30 pm Gathering at some place (ideas?) in Wintersville, all dressed up and ready, for short briefing about evangelization and prayer

5:00 pm -7:00 pm Going in groups

7:15isch pm 8:30 pm - Gathering at some place (ideas?) in Wintersville for debrief, short prayer, hot cocoa and snacks. 

Sign up HERE for participating, snacks, cars availability. 


Later Event: November 2
Encounter. Vespers@Cemetery