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  • Holy Family Church Steubenville, OH USA (map)

5:30 - 7:30 pm

Experience Jewish Passover meal pointing toward Jesus' ultimate sacrifice.

Traditional foods includs matzo meal soup, roasted lamb, haroset. This is a 2h sit down event, with optional Jewish dancing at the end. :-) 

Families are welcome, but children under 12 need to come with an older sibling or a parent. We serve wine during Seder, and the least amount to be traditionally drank for this celebration is four small sips. Anyone 18 and up who would rather drink grape juice, please indicate in the sign up list. Any teen (13-17) without at least one parent present will have to drink grape juice. Yep. 

Sign up list:

We will order whole lamb legs, and since it is quiet expensive, we will ask for donations of about $5 per person 12 and up and $3 for 11 yo and under plus to bring designated side dish or drink per family. If you are unable to donate the whole amount or nothing at all, but would like to come, youa re welcome to come, just please let me know: 

We will use Haggadah from the Association of Hebrew Catholics, as in previous years. 

This event is strongly advised for all New Testament and Junior Bible participants. 

R.S.V.P. by the end of March. If you are thinking you are leaning toward coming, please click "maybe", so we can estimate the number of participants. Thanks you!

P.S. It should be celebrated on Holy Thursday, but this day is such a big celebration and people are very busy that we decided to make it on Spy Wednesday, as in the last year.

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Later Event: April 17
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